The Russian River In Guerneville Is Rising And Isnt Expected To Crest Until Later Today.

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The Russian River is still rising in Guerneville, threatening more homes and prompting a new evacuation advisory there. Meanwhile, blizzard conditions have shut down Interstate 80 cutting off the town of Truckee near the Nevada border. Its not just Interstate 80 thats closed. Blizzard conditions have also shut down a major highway connecting Reno to Lake Tahoe, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone. While the problem here is snow; in other parts of the state its rain. These huge storms are in their third day, and officials say the worst might still be to come. The Russian River in Guerneville is rising and isnt expected to crest until later today. Officials say itll reach the 40-foot range, eight feet above flood level. Some 3,000 people in Sonoma County are under evacuation orders, and at least seven homes are seriously damaged. Our biggest concern is possible trees coming down, power outages, said John Gulserian of the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services.

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